Saturday, May 20, 2006

Not just a desperate attempt to generate ad revenue, I swear

I never thought I'd find myself linkblogging to my paid ads... which I think I've already done once or twice, so whatever.

Anyways, you really do need to check out this link to iMusic, a product which claims to be music that can enhance your cognitive function. Check this out:

Finally the time has come. We now have the technology and understanding to create a powerfully effective and easy to wield method of channeling the mind into its optimal state. At will, we can replicate the brainwave patterns of those astonishing individuals that lead rather than follow and win rather than waver. With the advent of IMAGINCE© it is time to stop dreaming...

Independent-Modulating-Acoustics-Generator for Inducing Neuro-Cognition Entrainment

"Independent-Modulating-Acoustics-Generator for Inducing Neuro-Cognition Entrainment"??? Doesn't that sound delightful? Wouldn't YOU like to induce neuro-cognition entrainment? Preferably by use, perhaps, of an independent-modulating-acoustics-generator? Or by other products whose title involves an overuse of hyphens?

On their page titled Scientifically Proven, they have 2-3 dozen "related studies and white papers that support iMusic" listed. However, I'm a bit suspicious of their claim, since it includes such specifically applied reviews as:

Kooi, K. A. (1971). Fundamentals of Electroencephalography. New York: Harper & Row.


Miller, E. E. (1987). Software for the Mind: How to program Your Mind for Optimum Health and Performance. Berkeley, CA: Celestial Arts.

Now, obviously I haven't seen the latter, but it certainly doesn't sound like either a study or a white paper. Perhaps they have an alternative definition, though... since there don't actually seem to be any white papers in the list.

They've also conducted a survey in which "110 teachers of grades 3 through 8 were requested to play iMusic | Volume One for their class over a 2 week period." The results they've claimed:

- 98.7% of the teachers surveyed felt their class was better poised for learning while iMusic was played.
- 89% of the teachers surveyed observed their classroom to be quieter and less noisy while iMusic was played.
- 100% of the teachers surveyed observed their students to be more focused and attentive while iMusic was played.
- 95.3% of the teachers surveyed felt their students were more productive and made better use of their time while iMusic was played.

Um, I hate to point this out? So beyond the fact that it's pretty difficult to believe that any survey could get results that huge without paying people off; you can't actually get 98.7% with 110 teachers surveyed. 108/110 = 98.2, and 109/110 = 99.1. This may be picking a nit... but it's a bit sneaky-looking, especially when you already sound like you're peddling snake oil.

Finally, one thing I'd like to make clear: I'm highly skeptical of the efficacy of this product, but I certainly haven't studied the science behind it myself. So I could be wrong: and if the makers of iMusic would like to convince me that I am, I encourage them to try.


At 11 June, 2006 03:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly. Quite accurately well done.

At 12 June, 2006 15:45, Blogger The Neurophile said...


At 26 March, 2007 07:54, Anonymous annette said...

Hi Jonathan,

I recently purchased 4! imusic Cds and - I don't know why - but listening to them I am worried. That's why I found your blog actually. The music goes on my nerves, which of course I didn't expect at all. But more worrysome is the support. To give these kind of answers one only has to be payed - I don't see any scientific background there. Some people really seem to be worried f.e. about raised cortisol levels and do not get answers...

Well here is my question: Do you think using this kind of stuff can be dangerous or does it in the worst case just not do anything?

All the best, Annette

At 23 February, 2009 20:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you must beware about scamming stuffs with fake researchs results and fake studies.

to prove that , you can try it to your fiends or people around the world

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