Monday, July 02, 2007

Above: Trailer for Lust, Caution. Some will tell you this is Ang Lee's new film, others will tell you it is Little Tony Leung's new film; I will tell you it's Lee-Hom Wang's new film. I didn't know it was being made for US release until now; maybe this means Mahiru no hoshizora will get released with english subtitles somewhere? Please?

Below is the trailer for the new Lee-Hom Wang single, Luo Ye Gwe Geng. According to this blog, it's "inspired by" the movie although it will not be in it; it is also being credited to "Kuang Y.M.", Lee-Hom's character in the movie. What does all this mean? I dunno.

All this & more, originally via Twitch

Video comments:
A: The sound quality is poor.

B: After what I've heard off of Heroes of Earth, this seems like a major step back for Lee-Hom. Gotta pay the bills, I guess.

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