Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MN's Simone Augustus wins All-Star Dribble, Dish & Swish Challenge

I totally forget that there was a skills night for the WNBA All-Stars. Color me stupid.

Anyways, thanks to the Sinister Dr. X: Augustus Puts On A Show As She Wins The All-Star Dribble, Dish and Swish Challenge

As the players first started warming up and getting a feel for the course prior to the event, it looked as though the winner was going to be either Sue Bird or Hall-of-Famer Nancy Lieberman, who both got through the course with ease. Yes, that's right, I said Nancy Lieberman. She may not have been in the event or even in the WNBA anymore, but she sure looked like she knew what she was doing as she gave the course a run through. It even looked as though the NBA TV analyst completed the course faster than rookie sensation Seimone Augustus, who would eventually become the champion.

Each contestant began the obstacle course on the baseline. The players start the event with a layup before dribbling down the court around pylons shaped as WNBA players. After they get to the other end of the court, they must throw a straight chest pass through the first cylinder, then grab a second ball and bounce pass it through the second cylinder. When the two passes are complete, they then grab another ball and must hit a 3-pointer from the top of the key. After the three they must pass one more ball through the third cylinder before dribbling through three more pylons and being set home free for another open lay up. The fasted time wins.

Congrats to Simone, and I look forward to watching her help the West demolish the East tonight after work!


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