Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NaPrAlert back up

Today's health update: Not healthy enough to work on my homework or provide you with intelligent posting; but healthy enough to buy tickets to see IMFC tomorrow night. After all, one must keep one's priorities straight, no?

Anyways, if you're failing to keep yourself informed/entertained tonite, here you go:

So, NAPRALERT is finally back up and running. For those who aren't aware, NaPrAlert is a website for looking up most interesting ethnopharmacological data: you give it a species, it gives you a list of citations with ethnomedical data, a list of compounds that have been found in it sorted by publication, and any sort of biological testing that's been done with extracts. You give it a chemical compound, it gives you a list of organisms in which it has been found, and similar testing data. You can also search by pharmacological activity keywords and by author. The annoying thing is that they now charge you by citation: for 100 citations or less, you pay $0.50 each. For more, it's $0.25 apiece. That seems like it can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. On the upside, they tell you how many citations they've found before they charge you so you can narrow down your results; on the downside, it means you have to narrow down your results before you actually see them.

But for people who might be able to convince someone to get a site license, this seems robustly useful for people interested in pharmacology, ethnobotany/ethnopharm, or even just secondary metabolites in general.

Thanks to Professor DJ McKenna for the link; who, by the way, was recently on a couple episodes of Mike Hagan's radiOrbit. I know nothing about the show, I'm just passing along Dennis' self-pimping.


At 04 May, 2006 13:49, Anonymous Plant Master Flash said...

Would you be so kind sometime as to ask McKenna about this Institute for Natural Products Research, of which he is the executive director? I am oh-so curious.

At 16 May, 2006 14:35, Anonymous Mirror Man said...

The annoying thing is that they now charge you by citation: for 100 citations or less, you pay $0.50 each. For more, it's $0.25 apiece. That seems like it can get pretty pricey pretty quickly.

Since it used to be $1.00 per citation, I don't know why you should be complaining about $0.50 and $0.25 per citation.

At 16 May, 2006 18:00, Blogger The Neurophile said...

mirror man:

Did they really? I could've sworn it was a free service when first heard about it.

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