Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Attack on the Holocaust History Project?

It's been said best rather succinctly: Only Nazis burn books.

So who burns businesses that sell books about the Holocaust?

Thanks to Orac, it's come to my attention that there was an act of arson committed upon the warehouse complex housing . It's not at all implausible to presume that THHP was the intended victim. This doesn't seem to have been picked up by the news wires yet--a yahoo news search for "arson THHP" turned up nothing, and "arson holocaust" didn't help either--so we've been encouraged to spread the news by blog, in the hopes that someone will pick up on it.

Although the library was not contained at the location in question, it's still something of a setback. As mentioned in Orac's post, the private business of Harry Mazal--the director of THHP--was located there. Needless to say, our hearts and hopes are with the people of the Holocaust History Project, because they're people doing work that needs to be done.

For more info, see the links above or read the press release.


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