Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm a bit obsessed with neurotransmitters. One of my long-term plans during this last bout of school was to celebrate my graduation by getting an NT tattoo, either serotonin or dopamine. Dopamine, because of its key role in the reward pathway and thus in drug addiction; and serotonin due to its position as the (sort of) archetypal indole alkaloid and its general beauty. So sue me: I find indole alkaloids incredibly gorgeous.

Anyways, that plan's been pushed off for a bit due to my financial straits from college expenses. My current hope is to pay off my credit card debt and put a dent in my loans before I go to grad school next year and to get the tattoo once I can be confidently standing on my own feet next summer. But thanks to Made With Molecules, I might be able to get some jewelry to help me wait patiently:

I'm a bit irritated by the dopamine = pleasure claim (a post for another day), and the phrase "together they keep balance" sends stomping urges up and down my spine. But I'm willing to forgive them, since they've made gorgeous jewelry representing some of the things I love most.

(Thanks to Retrospectacle)


At 19 June, 2006 22:53, Anonymous benp said...

The testosteron boxer short are hot, I think my girlfriend will like it !!

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