Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Science Museum: Geek Prom: Any Questions?

One of these days, I'm going to give in to my urge to just start randomly selecting post titles from the list Firefox provides me when I click on the text field. But that's neither here nor there.

Yes, too much of my blogging is stolen from Dr. Myers these last few days, but if you bring it up at a party, I've got a knife.

Anyways, due to his non-magical powers, I discovered the existence of the imminent at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Saturday, 22 April 2006.

On the one hand, I am generally loathe to participate in ritualistic events involving odd costuming, bland social interactions, and other forms of oneupsmanship. Yes, I just managed to encapsulate my irritation at everything from comic conventions to churchgoing in one sentence. But anyways, that's because I'm an overly cynical jerk, which you should not let get in the way of yourself having a good time. I myself would like to attend, as it occurs right at the end of my Hell Week.

At the very least, I figure it should be ~237% as interesting as . To their credit, however, I must point out that they've finally figured out that Monday at the beginning of finals might be a bad time for some of their clientele. If I recall correctly, I think last year was the time I went and just read about visual systems networks for my Neuroscience final the next day while swilling red wine.

But I could just be making that up. These things do happen.


At 04 April, 2006 23:06, Blogger BenP said...

C'mon miss your exam week and go there, if I wasn't in Canada I probably do that ! Geekprom should be your first priority !
Just kidding !

At 04 April, 2006 23:43, Blogger The Neurophile said...

I dunno... Being around people running around in goofy costumes always makes me feel so... grown up.

At 06 April, 2006 15:01, Blogger Shelley said...

Its hard to imagine which prom will be more heart-breakingly tragic: the perceived misery/woesome angst of the goths or the actual patheticness of 37-year old balding Glavens who STILL didn't work up the courage to ask anybody. Let the shoe-staring commence.

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